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OutBound Calls

Boost Your Sales with Exceptional Outbound Call Centers

Improve your sales exponentially with AgriDesk’s telecalling services. Get connected with your potential customer to develop good customer relationships for making your business successful. MOBILE SOLUTIONS MEET MOBILE MARKET NEEDS Of course, small farmers people aren’t the only ones on the road these days. It’s a mobile economy with a significant percentage of consumers relying on their mobile phones to get access to business services. Wouldn’t it be great to have the confidence that you can go where they go and be accessible at just the tap of a button?  

InBound Calls

Boost Customer Loyalty with Astounding Inbound Call Center Services

Avoid losing loyal customers to business rivals with AgriDesk’s inbound customer support services. We will answer your calls within an average of 10 seconds and then attempt to put the caller through to the person they have requested to speak with, announcing who is calling before the caller is transferred. It’s a mobile world and farmers of all sizes need to ensure that they’re readily available to take calls from prospects, customers, vendors and others—wherever they are and whenever they have a question or need help. Agri Desk Virtual phone answer services can fill the void for farmers that don’t have the budget to dedicate full-time receptionist staff to answer phone calls.

Virtual Receptionist

Build your presence fast, anywhere in the Africa and the world. Our Farmer virtual Receptionist are available in every major rural town and city in Africa, so you can represent your farmer business professionally and maximise every opportunity.

Our virtual answering service is performed by a local, trained telephonist who is pleasant, friendly, and helpful.

Help desk


Small farmers, and entrepreneurs, can convey a big business presence and ensure that callers get the assistance and support they need, through a virtual telephone answering service from Agri Desk of SmartAgriot.

InBound And OutBound Agri Contact Center

An ideal Agriculture business  says to never let customer calls go unanswered because whenever you fail to respond to incoming support requests, there is a negative impact on the brand image. AgriDesk offers unparalleled inbound call center services that assure clients strengthened customer base. We aim to simplify call centre services for our famrer clients with quality work to enhance business performance. We have our call center en every district in South Africa where we envision always-connected partnerships with our prestigious clientele, no matter what their size. Partnerships that benefit us mutually, and add to the growing saga via online reputation management from AgriDesk as a force to reckon with in the Agriculture industry. You too can reach the top of your industry, where your products & services are backed by the zeal inherent in each and every AgriDesk service. Our vision is to offer seamless customer support services, yet remember to analyze ad check cost-effectiveness.

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