Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between a virtual PBX and IP telephony?

ANS: A virtual PBX is an IP telephony management system , and  IP telephony  is a telephony technology over the Internet

What equipment is required for the operation of the Virtual PBX?

ANS: The hardware, infrastructure and software of the Virtual PBX are on the provider’s side, so you don’t need any additional hardware. The only condition for connecting to the service is a computer with Internet access.

How to set up a Virtual PBX?

ANS: Contact us

What types of numbers are available for connection?

ANS: Direct city numbers and  country numbers are available for connection . You can also choose from categories of easy-to-remember numbers

How many call records are stored?

ANS: The call log with records of telephone conversations is stored for 30 days and is updated according to the storage period – old records are deleted, new ones are added.

Is it possible to connect the TOLLFREE number to the Virtual PBX?

What payment methods are used when connecting to the service?

The conclusion of an agreement is possible for advance or credit methods of calculation.

How do I set up call forwarding?

You can set up call forwarding to a  SIP phone , as well as landline, mobile or soft phones.