Virtual Receptionist

virtual answering services for small businesses offer a wide range of customizable options to meet your unique business—and customer—needs..

About the service

Virtual PBX is the organization of telephony via the Internet with the functions of call forwarding, distribution and recording of calls.

It is easy to connect a Virtual PBX, receive calls to a SIP phone, mobile or computer.

The number will remain with you

The phone number is not tied to the connection address and will remain with you even if you change office

The number will never be busy

The right employee will always answer and calls will be distributed evenly

Simple and convenient control

You can set up call forwarding, add new users or connect services in your personal account in real-time

Never Miss a Call
With the confidence and convenience of answering service software from SmartAgriot you’ll have peace of mind and assurance that you’ll never miss an important call. It’s a competitive business environment and, increasingly, the first responders get the customer! Make sure that your incoming calls are being handled promptly and professionally even when you’re on the road or otherwise unavailable.

No Hardware to Buy, Ever
Remember the days of buying, installing and upgrading hardware on a seemingly constant basis? Those days are gone! Today’s answering service software options are fully virtual, meaning the entire virtual telephone answering system is hosted on a remote server. This means no new hardware or software for you to purchase or install. Best of all, your SmartAgriot virtual answering service works seamlessly with your existing phones—you can even keep your existing phone numbers.

Affordable and Friendly
You’re likely to be surprised at how affordable a virtual telephone answering service, with a wide range of options, can be. Virtual answering services from SmartAgriot are not only economical, they’re backed by support and service from some of the friendliest people you’re likely to deal with. We’re here to help you meet your customer needs.

Your Virtual Answering Service Can Grow With Your Business
From a solo practitioner, to a small business, to a Fortune 500 company—businesses of any size can leverage the value of virtual phone answering services to serve callers’ needs. Best of all, your virtual answering service from SmartAgriot can readily, and seamlessly, grow with you. Your callers will never know whether they’re calling a company of one—or one thousand!

Agri Desk

Maintain Call Records

  • Today’s technology means that you can have access to more information than ever before—including data on the calls you’re getting, when you’re getting them, who they’re being routed to—and much more. The ability to use call records to help identify peaks and valleys in business demand and the times when your customers are most likely to call, can help you be more strategic about staffing and adjusting business hours to meet customer needs.

Your employees work remotely

If, in addition to managers in the office, you have employees working remotely, set up call forwarding to mobile phones and receive calls from clients, wherever your employee is.

Keep a record of conversations from all phones to control the quality of work and call within your organization using short numbers for free.

You need a landline number for incoming calls

Connect a direct city number , make and receive calls through a Virtual PBX without extra costs for organizing telephony.

Both SIP phones and mobile employees can be used to receive calls. Add and remove employees, set up call forwarding and see all statistics on calls online.

Additional Services

Call recording

The ability to record conversations for outgoing and incoming calls from mobiles

On any device

Recording on any phones – mobile or SIP. Listening to conversations with clients in your personal account

Archive in the cloud

Data storage in the cloud for 30 days

How do I receive calls?

SIP phone

Use your own SIP phones or buy them

Mobile phone

Set up call forwarding to mobile numbers to be always in touch

Computer application

Download the program on the website and call from any available device: computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone